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It s pretty persistent on clothes, medium sillage on skin. Probably yes, just see how much time is on the market and still produced. The sand is creeping relentlessly upon the dunes; mesmerising and sultry like a phantom, like a dream of oasis, lagune, a luxurious travel experience, all expectations and promises.. Its fresh citrusey and coniferous opening is kind of tornado in the spicy heat of the Middle Eastern desert. I even tried using it as a room fragrance and quickly abandoned the idea. I think once one becomes older and wiser they will get to appreciate this gem.

I prefer wearing it in cold weather, despite its sunny name, as it might be a bit overwhelming in a hot weather. I never liked it, yet, here I am, in my 30s and I'm in love with it.

Overall, high quality EDT which screams luxury and last longer than most of the current EDP offerings. Love the aldehyde blast followed by spicy dry woods. It smells weird and expensive (it is expensive LOL) and I feel I'm in a higher league. I first tried it on while running in the crisp morning air. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) This was my signature fragrance in the 90's: it was THE perfume that made strangers stop and compliment me on how beautiful I smelt!

This is a meditative type perfume..quite dry,chic,and unlike the recent perfumes I’ve aquired. Amazing how this lil thing suddenly makes you feel so different and sophisticated. I have desired it ever since but been too afraid to venture back into old perfume territory (not to mention how prohibitively expensive it became).

I like to layer this with body sprays with notes like Driftwood, Salt, sometimes coconut. As a reviewer below, I agree that the smell is very unique,spicey and vanilla but not sacharine-sweet vanilla as of current trend. Neither my mum or sis could wear it and we all wear different perfumes.

All in all, a beautiful and much under-rated Dior creation. Yup, the one that I try to ignore most of the time. In 2017, this smells like Coco Noir's older sister: they share their DNA (bergamot sandalwood benzoin vanilla), but Dune is more serious and less happy-go-lucky than the spectacularly misnamed Coco Noir. ) Longlasting perfumes that changes with time while you wear it. I'm afraid that it was an older formulation and I am almost afraid smell it now and be faced how different it is :( I found this vintage gem in my mom's wardrobe, it's clearly my favourite of the bunch along with Eau Sauvage (also by the house of Christian Dior).

Dune is one of my deepest perfume loves, it is a fragrance that evokes strong emotions and images in me. :) Dry wood, wind and wild meadows by the sea when summer is slowly turning into fall. Although this is edt what i have, it is like perfume water. It's unisex; I would go as far as to say that it transcends gender and age. There are so many notes to this fragrance that I'm not going to do a rundown of each one.

It feels incredibly familiar, like something that has been present in my immediate environment all along. I guess I must have smelled this often in the early years of my life. It's one of the few scents I would call truly universal. But the very first things that smack me in the face are aldehydes and bergamot, very sharp, very sneezy and altogether a no-go for me.

To me Dune is the olfactory painting of a very specific place on the African continent. I can imagine being in a desert, the frankincense doesn't feel out of place at all. I'm sorry for it, because the drydown yields some very warm and appealing notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. I'm not channeling sand dunes or desert air; rather I smell dank earth and deep forest, likely due to oakmoss and patchouli.

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