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Especially in the privacy of your bedroom with the door locked and window shades drawn?Most likely—and hopefully—your answer is a firm, “No!– If you are feeling an emotional or sexual pull to a particular opposite sex member, especially during text messaging, immediately stop.In person, let this individual know your desire to respect your spouse, even with text messages. Culture tries to define what is appropriate when it pertains to being married and being in private with the opposite sex.But I think the slope is too slippery to ignore; these individuals walk it like a tightrope, sometimes without even knowing it. The culprit is the heart of the person text messaging.

We’re texting with our bosses about why we showed up to work late, sending messages to our co-workers about the next meeting and messaging with our friends about this weekend’s barbecue. We text because the world we live in says text messaging with others, including the opposite sex, is perfectly acceptable communication.

We learn early on in Scripture that the heart is deceitful above all things.

(Jeremiah 17:9) Too often in text messaging, particularly with the opposite sex, insignificant words are sent that are consciously and unconsciously linked to more significant emotional or sexual roots in the heart; roots that are intended to remain deeply rooted in a marriage instead outside of it.

” But if I were to ask if you regularly texted with the opposite sex, the answer may not be the same.

Text messaging has become the social norm for communicating.

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