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Freedom of speech is about expressing your opinion, however bad or good, however right or wrong, and being able to defend it and argue it and be argued with about it in public forums. They have remarkable trust in campus authorities to punish the speech that they don't like, but allow the speech that they do like.And for them, the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-Vietnam War protests, were as long ago as World War I was for you or me.""Born in 1942 in Hamburg, [photographer Ilka] Hartmann grew up and came of age when the country was divided between East and West and a wall ran through Berlin.It was liberals who were shouted down when they spoke.' ¶ Then he dropped his bombshell: '[L]iberals have very short memories.I mean that sincerely.'""JANET NAPOLITANO, PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SYSTEM: Yeah, I think it is.As a young woman, she studied theology and wanted to become a minister in the Lutheran Church.But then she came to New York in 1964, saw a picture in the New York Times of the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley and moved to California.So, again, education is key.""[Safiya] Noble added powerful details to the origins of the Free Speech movement at Berkeley in the '60s.

Each of these is directly related to the goal of academic inquiry: getting a matter of fact right.' Freedom of speech is not about that. I would have a hard time banning even Richard Spencer [founder of the white nationalist movement] from speaking on a university campus, however hateful and dangerous I find his ideas."[Erwin Chemerinsky] "I don't want to overgeneralize, but we saw in our students, I see already on this campus, is this is the first generation from a young age to be taught that bullying is wrong. It's laudable; they want to create an inclusive learning environment for all students.Wenner wrote a music column for the student newspaper and covered the free speech movement for a local radio station.Even more significant for Wenner, perhaps, was the example of Gleason, who combined an impressive body of music criticism with public support for student activists. The reade"Wenner era originario di New York, ma si era trasferito a San Francisco per studiare all'università di Berkeley, che lasciò prima di laurearsi.Wenner aveva attaccato bottone con lui durante un concerto un paio di anni prima, e i due erano diventati amici.""But Rolling Stone's identity can also be traced to two other sources: Berkeley's culture of dissent and Ramparts magazine, the legendary San Francisco muckraker. The magazine's early staff writers were steeped in Berkeley's ardent campus activism, and their views on politics, drugs and music informed the magazine's coverage.

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