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Those of us stepping back to make way for this new generation will remain available to provide whatever of our collective experience they wish – this organization remains important to us, and we want it to succeed.

” But income and working status aside, what may be causing even more marital pain in local families these days is what Wiley calls the “TTFS” syndrome: too tired for sex.It’s the end of another exhausting day, and Sharon is waiting impatiently for Sam to get home.After eight solid hours of diapers, dishes, errands and Bert & Ernie, Sharon needs adult contact — and Sam is by far her favorite adult. That night, after the kids are asleep, they share a loving, intimate evening, full of good conversation and even better sex.Finally, like a breath of fresh air, Sam blows through the door, and their brief, somewhat sticky reunion hug carries the promise of later pleasures. If this sounds like your marriage, congratulations!You’re a rare bird — some would say practically extinct!

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