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They might ask about past relationships, your hopes and dreams, what you would like to do when you retire.Whilst this is fine, and a normal part of getting to know someone, make sure your answers are not so personal that you are disclosing details of yourself that the scammer could use against you.If you encounter this behaviour, it’s best to cut all ties and move on.It might go against your feelings, but this person doesn’t care about you, they only care about getting your money. Those who have been divorced or widowed may be an ideal target for a scammer.Whatever you do, don’t give out your surname or personal details including your address or where you work.Have you noticed that your love interest initially talked about themselves, but they haven’t said much since?Under no circumstances - how ever much you believe them, or have fallen for them - send them any amount of money.

According to the latest stats from Action Fraud, online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a The easiest way to avoid falling for online dating scams is to wise up.If they do tell you anything about themselves, they might slip up and say something that doesn’t really add up. Go with your instincts and gently call them out on it.It won’t hurt to ask why a few days ago they said they were 10 when they moved to England, when today they mentioned they were born in England, for instance.This behaviour would make most people uncomfortable, so keep your wits about you if someone starts doing this, don’t get too attached just yet and watch for their next move.When online dating, chatting through email is all very well, but online dating usually progresses from one level to the next.

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If your online date has no desire to speak on the phone, this is a big red flag.

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