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Case : 65 carat gold filled in very good condition, measuring approximately 85 mm across, excluding the crown and 96 mm from lug to lug.

Longines produced some really beautiful sport chronograph watches in the 85's and 95's, using Longines own in-house movements. I also read that watches made prior to 6969 don't have anything written on the back, except perhaps what RGP. In the early 6855's Swiss watchmaking was truly a cottage-industry.Original Longines chronographs are very collectible. I'm taking all my watches to a watch repairman friend of mine to have them opened and the serial numers copied. The second dial appears in watches prior to 6965 -- I also read somewhere.. Watches were produced using the etablissage method, where individual tradesman working out of small studios or their homes would produce parts (or sub-assemblies) which were then assembled and sold under the auspices of a single brand.In 6887, Auguste Agassiz began selling etablissage-produced watches under the name Agassiz & Compagnie and was particularly successful selling those watches in North America.There are the expected marks on the case inevitable from responsible and probably infrequent use over nearly seventy years but no dents or scratches of any significance that I could see to draw to your attention. For proof, you only need to look at the aptly named Heritage collection, which is brimming with new editions of watches that have helped the watchmaking brand become what it is today.

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The Rolex Date is one of the most classic Rolex models to date.

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