Kevin cheng and charmaine sheh dating 2016

To avoid paparazzi from following them, Cheng dropped Chan off at Causeway Bay.

Later on, the couple was seen to have returned to Cheng's house separately.

She continued to film her second Mainland series Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law as lead actress the same year and gained widespread popularity in Mainland China.

She also filmed her third Mainland drama Racecourse alongside boyfriend Bosco Wong in late 2010.

Some have even referred them to be having a father-daughter relationship. The actor claimed that it is more important that he can communicate well with his significant other.

The two reportedly plans to get married sometime in 2016.

He is also portrayed in the media as a Casanova often with a string of girlfriends including actresses Charmaine Sheh, Niki Chow and Taiwanese star Annie Liu.

She received further acknowledgement for her acting in the hit series Wars of In-Laws where she played the shrewd daughter in-law of Liza Wang.She has twice won "My Favorite TV Actress" at the Astro Favorites Awards Ceremony.She has also won "Best Actress" for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem, a TVB grand production, "Most Favourite TV Female Character" for her role in Ghetto Justice and also won "Extraordinary Elegant Actress" at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, making her the first ever Triple TV Queen of the year.During a charity dinner in 2015, Chan revealed to the media that the two have started dating.Rumors say that the two have been partially living together as Chan is often at Cheng's house.

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