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One alleged conversation reveals the actor speaking about his ex's deceased father one second... Earlier this month, a bleak alleged text conversation between the two revealed Cathriona White's accusation of Carrey giving her STDs, which the actor quickly denied in a cold, heartless manner.

White's suspicion about her possible infections urged her to get tested, and her results were positive for Herpes 1, Herpes 2 and gonorrhea, according to the lawsuit by Burton.

The A-list actor insists that he and White were a “loving couple up to the day of her death.” They had apparently been planning to move in together; the legal documents say the pair was in the process of “finalizing a cohabitation agreement shortly before her death with the intent of living together as a couple permanently.”READ MORE: Jim Carrey sued for ex-girlfriend’s death again, this time by her mother His legal team claims Sweetman asked Carrey to buy her a house in 2015, “and when he declined she became angry and bitter.”Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing both plaintiffs, responded to Carrey’s filing in a statement.“Jim Carrey [has] filed a baseless motion with the court as part of his continued attack on a grieving mother,” the statement reads. “They are making up facts they know to be untrue in an effort to save Carrey’s career, which was over when he lied about not having STDs.

Carrey is a fraud and when he is forced to testify under oath, the ugly truth will be laid bare.

New details have emerged following the death of Jim Carrey's girlfriend, Cathriona White.

The actress was found dead in her home in September 2015 after an apparent suicide and according to documents obtained by E!

We are confident that the court will see through the nonsense Carrey is peddling.”The actor says that while he’s “devastated by White’s death,” he is “not responsible for it.” He says “it is outrageous that Sweetman, long estranged and motivated by greed, now seeks blood money.”Carrey and White split in the summer of 2015 and White began to suffer severe emotional distress shortly thereafter.

The autopsy report of her death revealed that the suicide note she left behind was directly addressed to Carrey.

“It would be easy for me to get in a back room with this man’s lawyer and make this go away, but there are some moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honour against the evil in this world.

on Monday afternoon (September 11) in Toronto, Canada.

Ahead of the premiere, it was revealed that the documentary had been acquired by Netflix!

They also claim that White apologized for making the accusations.

Carrey and his team question Sweetman’s credibility, claiming she “abandoned her family during White’s childhood” and was “long estranged” from her daughter when she died. ”“Carrey and his ‘fixer’ lawyers are trying to deceive the media and the public,” it continues.

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