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Cohen seems to view Craig's brazen willingness to present as an object of desire as "unmanly," perhaps even "womanly," which is largely considered the very worst thing a man can be in our society—hence the anxiety.Cohen suggests that Craig's efforts to be desirable are less than "manly," by contrasting him with a few of his all-time movie heroes: Cary Grant in .Fincher encouraged his audience (including straight men) to gaze at Craig's figure the way Rooney Mara's character does—a young woman existing outside of objectification, struggling to possess, and repossess her mind, body, and desires.

I will have a good time tonight -- when this is over, and I can just hang out with my friends.Hollywood and the porn industry (both largely run by straight men) rarely (if ever) serve up the inverse of this fantasy—which would be powerful (possibly overweight) women "of a certain age" ravaging 19-year-old dudes with chiseled frames.Traditionally, the major, big-selling films featuring ripped men—who hit the gym as regularly as Daniel Craig did for Bond—are gay porn.client Gwyneth Paltrow was in the audience, in a chic, black, sequined cocktail dress with long sleeves. "I'm loving everything Valentino does these days," she admitted.And Kevin Huvane, who runs CAA with Lourd, was patting everyone on the back.

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In a 1993 op-ed for the es, psychoanalyst Ken Corbett illustrated a man's fear of being an object of desire, writing, "He anxiously pictures himself wanted in a way that most men feel only a woman should be wanted".

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