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The second number Is entitled "Moments of Melody," whidh cop- ' slsts of a special drop with open- ings in it from which emerge deven women, who sing indifferently. , Omaha .....l.^........^' 211.868 New Jersey ••'"■ ' " ' ' Oalnden .....i... Nothing te warrant considering him for American Importation, but he makes for a very pleasing opening turn here. her the applause hit of the show ' up to that time, necessitating a cur- tain speech. JBTI Vi SK .•••■•••••ee*eee*e*»»ee»«***»*«« •■ J^f ^ */l BARRY (Edba) 18 18 2 1 433 8CHADER (Fred) i ^^ I 2 .. This Is also true of Rhpde Island ^ni Massachusetts. Is close t,o 8.000,000, the exact Sgw^e being 2.»9B,2a». With the assist- ance of the troupe of children and most attractive gowns she put over a pretty song scene, which made . POLLOCK (Brooklyn "Eagls'^ 97 78 M -798 GABRIEL ("Mail-Telsaram'O HI 7t M • Jtl ANDSR80N ("Post^ K 64 27 1 HAMMOND ("Herald Tribune'O M M 22 8 BROUN ("Wor W) 77 51 21 8 Mi 08B0RN ("Evening Worlds 128'' 78 40 7 .642 WOOLLCOTT ("Sun-Qlobe") 108 87 ,28 It 4» MANTLE ("News") 148 88 A7 4 J80 YOUNG ("Times'*) 88 88 24 11 J88 RATHBUN CSun-Qlobe") 48 27 20 2 JH1 DALE ("Araerioan'O 168 87 82 21 444 GRAPHIC (Pwblio Opinion) 161 88 71 14 ^437 . The light went up disclos- ing a pair of Hebrew comedians. But directly the mbment for the following act went up there was deafening applause, a much greater volume than even that accorded Miss Ward, and reference to the program (price twopence) revealed "Peel and Curtis, Irish and Proud of it." Before the curtain waus drawn tw6 men were heard har- monizing the strains of an Irish ballad.

They go through a routine of Yid- dish cross-talk of the vintage of 1900 or thereabouts, such as "I will now explanation myself." About 10 minutes of this and they essay ■ straight ballad harmonizing and wind up wi,ih a song permitting them to burlesque various na^anal dances. It Is a "soft" audience, with probably 99 out of every 100 acts warmly received. It Is not a first-class house In the matter of prices, but usually plays the best acts and business is generally capacity. Paul I Whlteman will donate a series it concerts to the public of rk in July. Some of his work Is so delicate It Is difficult to appreciate from the other side of the foot- lights. was organized to prevent undesirable practices by its (Continued «n page It) Ad ao Birthday Present In this issue of Variety is a two- page advertisement in behalf of Ted Lewis. This week the Lewis act, with Ted ^- Lewis heading It, Is at the Palace, I' Chicago. Lewis shortly sails for ,» the other side, under engagement toj ; appear in London. The following table by states sets forth the est Unated poi^blctlon as compiled by the buteau: Alabama , , v Birmingham ,,;«Vt**.'** ^'^'^^^ California ' ;; ' ^ Oakland .'.'...„...*v*i*- ^W.'*' Ban Diego , . After 'the interval' Alan Shaw; the American coin and card manipula- tor, entertained with bis usual dex- terity.

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In evening clothes, singing character songs in a very pleasing rttltfe.

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