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All of my friends were really in the same industry—acting and modeling mostly—and everyone wanted to get their visas and move to the States, because that’s where you can really work and do more. Well, I’m a Real Housewife of Miami so it doesn’t get more Miami than that! Are the episodes playing out as you’ve expected they would and are you happy with the way you’re being presented? Really, I’m loving that they’re portraying me as the real me; what you see on TV is really who I am and I can either be more crazy in a good way, and I guess next season they’ll dig deeper so you’ll get to see more of our real character.

I prefer to get to know somebody, understand their character and then decide for myself how I feel about them, that’s been my strategy both on the show and really in life.

I’ve made a handful of good friends here but the rest are just acquaintances to me.

You’ve managed to stay above the drama — well done.

I eat pretty clean, just to feel healthy — no additives, nothing in a box.

If I go out to eat I hold the oil as much as I can, make my cocktails “skinny” with less sugar and with working out, I follow a regimen at my home.

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I am who I am, I’m very nice to people at first and sometimes they like to mistake that for weakness but believe me, I’m definitely anything but weak.

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