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As long as you communicate these two things, you have already won.That means no racial innuendos and no misleading compliment. While white guys can get away with curly hair compliments and even with booty compliments in a way that black guys can’t (sorry, but it’s the truth), she still wants to be seen as a human being.The only problem was that there weren’t a lot of members to contact…​Not many black girls in Germany. Once I upgraded my account (which I highly recommend), I started to message all these beautiful black women who were living in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and many other places in the USA.Jesus, my message board changed from lonely planet to a Hollywood party.I mean, I didn’t even put that much work into my profile. I could only find a handful of women when I searched in different locations in Europe. We Europeans call a relationship between a white man and a black woman a relationship. In the USA, however, the expressions interracial relationships and interracial dating are very widespread. I changed my location to New York City and searched for women in the USA.As you can see, I only filled out 58% before I started to contact the first black female member. I contacted some of these girls and I actually received one interest…and zero messages. I was surrounded by thousands of beautiful black women who were happy to meet me.Communicating that you assume that this stereotype is true will make you look like a fool.

But I don’t just say that without any data to back up my claims.

As the I wanted to figure out where to find black women looking for white men to date. I am by no means against that, but I assumed that this site was a place for white women seeking black men.

Revealed: Here's the PROOF that Afro Introductions is the best interracial dating site to meet black women (in the USA, Canada, Europe, and South Africa)Here are my findings…​Interracial Cupid was the first dating site that I tested. Well, I was wrong and I am happy that I I chose a username and a password and wooop…I had my free account on Interracial Cupid.

Yes, with Afro Introductions you WILL easily meet black women online, but do you also have what it takes to attract and seduce them? There’s one piece of advice that I am going to slap in your face throughout this whole article. There’s one thing you must understand, if you ever want to meet black women looking for white men to date. and the gold chains and baseball caps in it and no, it is NOT cool, stylish or swag.

​Now you know where to meet black women online who want to date a white guy like you. First off all, not ALL black men are throwing around cash in Hip Hop music videos.

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Afro Introductions gives you access to thousands of black women who are looking for a white man.

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