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As dusk falls, the wine starts flowing to take the edge off.

Call it the new model in neighborhood hang-outery (as evidenced by the fact that Starbucks is now copying the caffeine-and-booze format).

Like an old meandering property in the Virginia countryside, the architectural space is meant to impart a sense of discovery.

“The rest of the house hasn’t revealed itself yet,” Simons says.

When Bertrand Chemel (the force behind 2941 Restaurant) took over the kitchen operations at sister restaurant Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church City, he knew he was stepping outside of his comfort zone.

“I never made pizza, so I wanted to make sure I learned the steps correctly,” says the French-born chef.

It took celebrity chef Mike Isabella just one year to transform the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Quincy Street in Ballston into a food mecca.

The dual identity helps the bottom line (the place is open from 6 a.m. most weekdays, and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays).

And there is no table service, so customers can linger as long as they wish at the communal tables and bar seating.

The app is user-friendly and has boosted business, he says, noting that the restaurant has seen a 10 percent increase in alcohol sales across the board since it made the switch.

The i Pads aren’t the only tech toys making a statement at Härth.

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Diners often stop by Pepita to sip one of its 54 cocktails before or after a meal at a sister establishment.

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