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It is important to note that the use of alcohol and other drugs can escalate the frequency and severity of abuse.

Some victims may use alcohol or other drugs as a way to cope with the violence they are experiencing. Answer #5: Sexual assault is forcing or coercing an individual to engage in any non-consensual sexual contact or sexual penetration.

Answer #4: Once again, the willingness to resort to abuse is a choice made by the abuser.

Drugs can be an excuse to avoid putting responsibility for the violence where it belongs -- on the abuser.

Answer Question #2: Why do you think abuse occurs in some teenage dating relationships?

Answer #9: They may feel that others will not take them seriously if they disclose.Because of this sense of entitlement the abuser makes the choice to engage in this type of behavior.There is a misconception that alcohol, other drugs, anger or stress cause dating violence because these factors often accompany the violence.In Michigan, the law regarding rape and sexual assault is called the Criminal Sexual Conduct Act (CSC).It is gender neutral and includes marital, stranger, date and acquaintance rape as well as child sexual assault.

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To help a victim of dating violence, you must remember that they're not responsible for the abuse.

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