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I said that having sex complicated relationships and that the older she was, the better able she would be to handle it.I made clear that just because her boyfriend, a year and half older than she, might be ready, it didn’t mean she had to be.I explained that she didn’t have to say a word, but that she did have to listen.I told her that I thought she was still too young to have sex, and that I hoped she would wait.I told her plainly that I wanted to talk to her about sex.Her immediate reaction was to say, “Oh, no you’re not.” She pulled the covers over her head.I imagined her caught unaware, uninformed and unprepared.And as much as I dreaded it, I was convinced that it was my maternal duty to clue her in.

There is no standard message that fits all families.The other day I was at the gym finishing my workout when a mom I know asked for my advice about “the sex talk.” She was struggling, she confided, to bring up the subject with her teenage daughter—afraid that discussing sex was somehow tantamount to giving her the green light to have it.You would think that for a generation of parents who grew up during an era of “free love” and whose own kids are being raised at a time when the culture is awash in sexual imagery that this would be an easy conversation to have.This not only made my job easier because she learned the basics there, but also because talking about sex at school with her teachers and among her peers demystified the subject, making it less awkward to talk about with me.What that meant over the years was rather than trying to have a single, all-important, have-to-get-it-perfect talk, we were able to discuss different subjects more casually, broaching them as they came up—first date, first kiss, first boyfriend.

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“My aborted attempts so far have not been promising.” Though I am not unfamiliar with the trepidation associated with said talk, I approached my own first attempt with what turned out to be unwarranted confidence.

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