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Beta Analytic has an edge over other radiocarbon dating labs because it has contributed to the development of the method—-and therefore has a thorough understanding of it—-and it is accredited to ISO/IEC 17005, an accreditation required by most regulators.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”My ASTM D6866 or EN 15440 result is 60% biocarbon content.

Does this mean that 60% of the carbon atoms in my sample are from biomass sources or 60% of the sample (weight) was from biomass, or are these both the same thing?

Materials with both fossil and present-day carbon will have p MC values greater than zero but lesser than 105.[/bc_collapse] [/bc_group] [bc_group][bc_collapse title=”What is the sampling frequency established under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme” open=”y/n”]As stated in the EUETS 2007 FAQ, the minimum analysis frequency for solid waste (pure fossil or mixed biomass & fossil) is every 5,000 tons and at least 4 times a year.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”Can I submit solid samples instead of gas (bag) samples for ASTM D6866 testing needed to comply with California’s AB32 program?

” open=”y/n”]Yes, the California AB32 program allows solid fuel sampling in lieu of emissions sampling.

5/F South Block Tower C, Raycom Info Tech Park No.2 Ke Xue Yuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100190 China U. ” open=”y/n”]Please send your samples to Beta Analytic’s Miami lab. 4985 SW 74 Court Miami, Florida 33155 USA[/bc_collapse] [/bc_group] [bc_group][bc_collapse title=”What is the difference between Neutral Carbon, Renewable Carbon, Fossil Carbon, and Green Carbon?

For other Asian countries, send samples directly to the U. 1-608 Ueda-Honmachi Tenpaku-ku Nagoya 468-0007 Japan China Representative: Beta Analytic Inc. 4985 SW 74 Court Miami, Florida 33155 USA[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”I am located in South America, where do I ship the samples?It is the preferred method because it has the technology to measure the quantity of carbon 14 present.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”If ASTM D6866 is an application of radiocarbon dating, why not just use any radiocarbon dating lab?” open=”y/n”]Most radiocarbon dating labs do “their own thing” and have their own reporting formats.” open=”y/n”]ASTM D6866 is more flexible in terms of applicable samples. EN 15440 is only applicable to solid recovered fuels and is used only in Europe.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”What does p MC mean, and how is this used in ASTM D6866 and EN 15440?” open=”y/n”]The ratio between carbon 14 in a sample and the carbon 14 in a modern reference standard is reported as p MC or percent modern carbon.

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