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If we ever decide to meet, we can take it from there. About Me: My new passion is sailing and just bought a 40ft sailboat. Hopeless romantic, ambitious, down to earth, not into games, motivated, adventurous and fun loving. Kissing, oral and grinding can be quite enough, but more if the vibe's right.0D $.post("A little more about me, originally from the island of Jamaica, now a US Citizen, graduated... I enjoy going out to bars, tennis, politics, tv, movies (especially horror), and music (I sing/play instruments). About Guys I Want To Meet: 0D $.post(" About Me: Working out to maintain health and youthfulness. About Guys I Want To Meet: All ages, from 18 to 60 if in good shape and mind. About Me: I am a genuine, ambitious guy seeking a strong well-rounded, down to earth person.Fun filled black chat room/community with a very dedicated member base.Our members here at Black Chat city really enjoy the interface, useability and features.

I've learned over the years it's the best medicine (hey, it beats twitter outrage).

I am an electronics "GEEK" with a passion for experimenting, especially with RF (Radio Frequency power/waves) Ham radio is a hob...

About Guys I Want To Meet: I like guys with interest in finding out new things, enemas, massage, and natural health, exploring the outdoors and getting away from crowds and the city.

About Guys I Want To Meet: $.post(" About Me: I am an older guy, but in above average shape, muscular build, about 5'9" at 200 pounds.

I have competed in powerlifting and armwrestling, and still like those sports!

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