Bad online dating pictures

From stripping off outdoors to posing with unusual objects, these Russian daters take the biscuit for bizarre profile pictures.

But she wasn’t the only food fan as another poser poured milk over herself in the shower (sense a theme?

First off, it's all well and good to be proud of the fact that you're good with kids or that you like kids or that you have kids.

And if you want to say these things in your profile, that's fine.

And let's say you also have that picture on your Facebook profile and have tagged your nephew's parents.

Another channeled American rapper Macklemore by wearing a huge fur coat, just like the pop star did in his Thrift Shop video.

A bearded man let it all hang out while enjoying a good book in the bath while some guy used a banana as a hat while gobbling up a sausage.

) and a third tipped bright red soda down her white top.

A curly-haired beauty with a love of nature crafted her own mermaid costume out of what looks like black bin bags, before reclining next to a stream with a leafy crown.

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